About our platform

All our stock comes graded and ungraded so you can create and use our footage in the way you want to.

1. Ungraded

All our stock comes ungraded, ready for you to blend in.

2. Graded

To get started quickly a graded file is always provided.

3. Super Simple License

At Ungraded we only offer one license.


We offer only high resolution footage.

Our benefits

Ungraded & Graded

With every purchase comes both a graded and ungraded file, at no extra cost, instantly available. The ungraded file offers the possibility to color grade the footage to match your project.

Super Simple License

At Ungraded we only offer one license - our Super Simple License. This allows you to use the files forever, royalty-free, anywhere in the world.

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High resolution

We want you to use our footage in the best way possible, therefor you always receive the highest resultion available, again, at no extra cost. This is at least 4K. More and more of our library will be offered in even higher resolutions.

About Us

The Ungraded team

Ungraded is founded by Roy de Ruiter and Jan Kuppens. Ungraded is located at 'de Werkspoorfabriek' in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Together with our drone pilots we continue to work on and improve the Ungraded platform.

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