Blog Post by UngradedDJI Airsense – Explanation and Thoughts

DJI, the biggest drone manufacturer in the market, has launched a brand new piece of technology known as Airsense. This feature is going to be built-in to all DJI drones starting in 2020 and offers plenty of new perks and features that make drone safety better than ever before. This cutting-edge technology is unique in how it operates and takes some notes from the aviation industry to ensure premium safety and technology integration at all times. Keep reading to learn more about what this feature actually is, how it works, and how we feel about it as professional drone pilots. 

What is Airsense?

Airsense is a new feature coming to all DJI drones, which makes use of advanced ADS-B technology (Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast). This technology uses radio waves and satellite technology to send and receive aircraft coordinates and locations in real-time. It is the result of more than 30,000 hours of development and is long overdue for many drone enthusiasts. 

ADS-B technology is well-known and widely used in the aviation industry, offering the basis of the framework for safe aviation and reduced collision risk. It has been adopted and implemented around most of the world to improve air traffic safety and is now being added to drones since safety has always been a concern with the advent of these unique flying machines. 

How Does it Work?

Airsense technology comes standard on all DJI drones weighing more than 250g, as of January 1, 2020. The technology relies on satellite information and radio waves to retrieve aircraft location and transmit the drone’s location to nearby aircraft at the same time. The sensors will be continuously on and monitoring nearby traffic, ensuring that your drone is always safe in the air, and more importantly, that planes and other aircraft are safe from the potential risks of your drone. As with most tracking tools and GPS locators, you really don’t have to do anything because Airsense will always be monitoring the air around your drone. 

Our Two Cents

Ever since drones have been around, the issue of air safety has been a hot topic. Yet, few have actually figured out anything to do with this situation until recently. The drone industry continues to grow, which means air traffic is increasing. Even though we abide by the safety rules and guidelines for drone operation, there is never a guarantee that everyone will or that a plane won’t come into the airspace where you’re flying your drone. Therefore, we feel that this update to DJI drones is definitely a good one, and we’re looking forward to more brands following suit in the future. 

After all, what fun is shooting drone footage if you’re always worried about whether or not you’re safe? DJI Airsense is among the first of its kind, but it’s certainly making a big impression already. 

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