Blog Post by Roy de RuiterNight Flight & New Regulations – Behind the Scenes

Night Flight & New Regulations – Video Transcript:

“Hi guys, it’s Roy from ungraded, and today we’ve finally got our long-lasting night permit in so we can fly in the dark. We had to do some adjustments to the drone itself, but I’ll tell you a little bit later about that. So for this flight we had to make a risk analysis and a flight plan like we always have to do. But additional to that, we have to email five different organisations about where we’re going to do our flights and how we’re going to do them. And we have to place a NOTAM, a notice to airman. So other air traffic knows what we’re doing now. “

“We just have to wait on Oscar. Oscar is our cameraman for tonight, because we’re flying with two of us. You can fly the inspired two on your own, but there are situations that you preferably want to fly with two people. For example when you’re flying tight lens, doing fast shots or when you’re in a more risky environment. Like we are tonight, because we just can’t see that much. So I’ll be operating the drone itself and Oscar is going to be operating the camera gimble and adjusting the settings. We’re flying the 15 millimeter DJI lens today, because it’s 1.7 compared to the other lenses that are 1.8. It gives us one more stop, so we don’t have to go from 800 to 1600 ISO. Because 1600 is just too grainy. “

“So all this stuff here that we’ve got is mandatory, like the safety cones and safety vest. We have to have our papers with us, we have to have a fire extinguisher, stuff like that. Additional to the night flight, we have to have safety lights and we have to have new drone lights. The European Aviation Safety Agency wants us to have the same light as other air traffic. So it’s a big flashing white light on the top and on the left a red-light and on the right the green light. I think it’s a better indication of where the drone is at.”

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