Blog Post by UngradedThe best 250g CineWhoop build

The best 250g CineWhoop build

Flight controller

So first we will tin everything and then solder everything together. Right. So we’re not using the DJI controller, we’re using crossfire, so we’re not using the Sbus signal from the vista. So we remove those wires from the plug. You need to remove the yellow wire and the black wire next to it. You have a red, black, white, and gray wire left. So then we connect the connector to the flight controller And we insert the flight control gummies. So now we’re done with the flight controller. Now we’re going to assemble everything onto the frame.

Flight stack assembly

So we’re going to use this M2 by 12 screws to attach the flight controller and the naked vista to the frame. First, you put in a flight controller. Then we’ll continue with the naked vista because we need that 3D prints to keep everything in place. So you need to use the washers from the caddx vista and put them on the flight controller. Then use some M2 bolts to put everything together. All right. Then you put the first board without the USB-C connector on top of the flight controller with the wires and underneath. Then when the first board is on, you put on the 3D print. This can be hard because the holes aren’t perfect. Alright now, we put three nuts on the rear. Both. When that’s done, we install the ribbon Connector. If it all works out. We will install the second board. Right. Then we install the second board. You’ll need to put the USB-c to the same side as the micro USB from the iflight beast. When you’re done, you will have first the iflight beast on the bottom, then the second, the first board of the caddx vista, then the second board of the caddx vista. All right. Now I have to do something quite hard. We need to insert these, uh, yeah, nuts onto the bolds, but the 3D print is in the way. So we’ll need to use tweezers to get them in there. So when the nut is in the right place, you need to tighten it. We just use the tweezers for this. But if you find a better way, we’d like to know. So put it down in the comments. You need to do this three times for all the arms of the 3D print. 5 hours later. So now we’ll need to connect the other ends of the ribbon cable. When that’s done, we’ll need to solder the wires to the vista. First, we do red voltage. Then we do black ground. Then we do white Tx. Tx from the flight controller goes to Rx on the vista. And the last one’s gray that is Rx goes to Tx on the vista. Red, black, white, and gray.


So now we’re going to tin the crossfire and attach the wires, then install it in the drone. Right. First, we will tin all the wires, then we’ll connect them to the crossfire. We start with black. Black goes to the square, pad then red and white. and then yello. Alright. So we need to remove the antenna to put it through two 3D prints. So disconnect the antenna put the antenna through the hole in the top of the 3D print, then try to get the ends of the antenna. True. The holes like this. Right now, we connect the crossfire back to the antenna. We twist the wires right. We have heat shrink. Only the lighter isn’t working. So we need to use the soldering iron to shrink it. Right. You put the crossfire into place. Then you route the wires in between the two boards of the vista. You route the wires in between the two boards of the vista. You need to connect them right here. I’ll show you. Of up close. First, we to snip the wires, to length. Then will need to strip them and tin them. So this is the wiring diagram you will need to connect the crossfire to the iflight beast.

Connecting vista parts

So now we’ll connect the camera. You use the smallest screws. That came with the camera. Alright, The camera wire is quite long, so you have to route it a couple of times in the frame before you can connect it. The connector is here up in the front so you can connect your camera right there. All right. Now we connect the antenna for the caddx vista And use a zip tie to make sure the antenna doesn’t come out. Just like that. So now we need to connect the antenna to the caddx vista.

Soldering the motors

So we’ve cut the motor wires two length and we’re going to attach them to the frame. Be sure to use Loctite because with these motors they’re going to get louse if you don’t use it. So now repeat this for all four motors. So now it is time to solder on the motor wires to the iflight beast. Make sure to tin the pads and the wires before u do this. Now repeat this for all four motors.


So if you want to use the same propellers as we did, you have to drill them out because the holes aren’t exactly two millimeters and the shafts on the motors are. So you can find the config dump in the description for betaflight. You can expect a video we’re going to test it with and without ducts. So I want to thank you guys for watching. If you have any questions. Let us know in the comments. See you next time.

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