Blog Post by Roy de RuiterTricks & tips for flying the DJI Mini 2

Tricks & tips for flying the DJI Mini 2 – Video Transcript:

“Hi guys, it’s Roy from Ungraded here and today I want to show you a little trick we use while flying with the DJI Mini 2. So when I first saw the DJI Mini 2 I kind of thought it looked like a toy drone and I thought it was probably not capable of a lot. But when I started filming with it I was kind of amazed by what it can do for a drone of that size. Now the throne itself is pretty limited. It’s got a fixed focus, a fixed aperture, it doesn’t support a log format and it’s got a really small censor. And because the censor is so small that dynamic range isn’t that good. the highlights tend to get really bright and the shadows then to get really dark. So what you want is a more overall exposed image, and we’ve got a little trick we use every time and it does the job. So we wanted to share it with you.”

Ungraded DJ Mini 2 tips and trick

So you want to be shooting this at golden hour and not the last 15 minutes, though, because the small censor just needs more light than that. Get your drone up in the air. You want to be facing towards the sun. You can basically draw a half circle on the opposite side of the sun and stay within that. Now point the camera gimble down so you just can’t see the horizon. You’re probably already going to see overall, better exposed image, but play around with this until you get the results you like. So shooting in this way you’re probably going to see more flares in your footage. Flares are nice, but you don’t want to overdo it, not in every shot. Of course this trick really works for any type of drone, but it’s especially good for the DJI Mini 2 because of the small censor. And shoot manual, not automatic, and you still need to be thinking about your movement, composition and settings. I’m not going to go into that because there are enough videos out there on those subjects. If you’ve got any questions on shooting in this kind of way, let us know in the comments. I want to thank you guys for watching and see next time.

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