Super Simple License

At Ungraded we only offer one license - our Super Simple License. This allows you to use the files forever, royalty-free, anywhere in the world.

Where you can use the footage

Online streaming. Includes websites, social media, web advertising and streaming services such as Youtube and Vimeo.

Video and digital content at events (corporate videos, presentations, slideshows, wedding videos, event videos)

Creation of items for resale such as: mobile apps, video games and digital templates.

Use in an advertisement distributed via television, outdoor advertising or cinema advertising

Use in a film or theatre production.

For use in shopping malls, point of sale systems, in-store displays, showroom videos, trade shows, industrial fairs and exhibitions.

How you can not use the footage:

Footage can only be used in personal or client projects but cannot be re-sold as is.

We don't like that. 👎🏼

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'Can I purchase exclusive rights?'

Right now this is not a standard option available for footage on our website. However, if you have a specific project in mind we would love to hear about it, and see what we can do.

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Why so simple?

We are filmmakers ourself and like to offer a worry-free experience. Did your content go viral or did you make something great? Give us @ shout!

About Us

The Ungraded team

Ungraded is founded by Roy de Ruiter and Jan Kuppens. Ungraded is located at 'de Werkspoorfabriek' in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Together with our drone pilots we continue to work on and improve the Ungraded platform.

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